Story Dome

This project grew out of my obsession with environments.

Woods, smelling of moss and mushrooms, big branches tangled above my head, hiding my presence from the big world, were letting me to slide in, to disappear, to explore…

Books as multiple Universes were unfolding slowly, as I walked from the library, reading on the go, and bumping into people and trees…

Best games played-under the family table, under the tablecloth fringes and folds, or under two feet of snow in a precarious labyrinth collectively made by the hands of all neighborhood kids.

There was a sense of exciting ownership, and of being in control, a deity in training, fearless, creative, alive…

I am still making worlds: out of paint, paper, cloth, and out of other myriads of things found and given another life… Only now, I see worlds around me which belong to other people, made of their colors, desires, fears, dreams; I walk through them, trying not to disturb their delicate balance.

We cross paths, converge, walk together, love each other, hurt each other, part ways…Our lives are tangled like tree branches, woven like cloth.

What I want to build is a place with light, a place of compressed textures, and stretched boundaries, a huge dome made of stories!

What is your biggest fear? Hope?

How does it shape your life?

What is your story?

Enter the Dome

Enter the Dome